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Justice was restored

About one of the most sensational cases of the last year, which ended with our victory.

As a result of nearly a year of litigation, the fact that Zaruhi Hayrapetyan was the daughter of Levon Hayrapetyan was reaffirmed. The Court of General Jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan (presided over by R. Apinyan), under the pressure of undeniable evidence, by the decision on 10 December 2018 confirmed legal significance of the facts of Zaruhi being descended from Levon Hayrapetyan and of Zaruhi’s paternity being recognized by Levon Hayrapetyan.

Thus, this story that caused a great stir in the society was settled. Justice was restored despite enormous efforts and resources.

We are grateful to everyone who supported this struggle. We are especially grateful to Bishop Pargev, the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, who did not hesitate for a moment to stand by justice, showing high virtue